Other Actions

CAPM Members review reports at 10/23/13 meeting
CAPM Members review reports at 10/23/13 meeting

On this page, you may find some of our recent minutes, and descriptions of some additional CAPM activities.


2013 Annual Meeting (draft)
2012 Annual Meeting

California Medicare Carriers’ Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAPM participates as a member of California’s Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC), providing a preventive and public health perspective in deliberations on what services should be covered by Medicare in California when there is regional flexibility; and obtaining information to inform our members. Noridian is the current Medicare intermediary in California, having replaced Palmetto GBA in 2013.

Medical Leadership of Preventive Medicine and Public Health in California

CAPM is looking into the possibility of organizing conference calls that would bring together leading physicians in Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and Occupational Medicine, representing organizations and academic institutions, to discuss important statewide issues in these areas. For information, check the blog post on this project and write to info@capreventivemed.org.